NIDO | danmark i Gødstrup
The NIDO | danmark building in Gødstrup. Photo credit: Søren Braad Andersen

NIDO | danmark is the centre for research and education in health at Gødstrup Hospital.

NIDO | danmark is comprised of:

  • researchers, PhD students and other employees working with research
  • educators and supervisers in the clinic
  • students.

At the heart of the NIDO | danmark philosophy is the NIDO building with state-of-the-art research and education facilities. This building and neighbouring facilities provide an excellent setting in which: 

  • scientists from different specialities will transform research ideas into research results for the benefit of patients, the health sector, and society in general
  • students will attend educational activites to train as healthcare personnel
  • medical doctors and other members of the hospital staff will attend training activites to upgrade skills.

An ideal place for hatching brilliant ideas

The NIDO building is furthermore designed to function as a meeting place for researchers, health care professionals in general, students, and collaborators from the private and public sectors. 

The atrium located centrally in the building is tailored to frame formal as well as informal meetings. 

It is our hope that this milieu with modern research, education, and meeting facilities will inspire innovative ideas and promote synergy:

  • between research and education
  • across different medical fields and professions
  • between public and private players.





What does NIDO mean?

NIDO is derived from the latin word "nidus", meaning nest. The name symbolises the function of the centre:

a nest that nurses and promotes research and education in health.

The four letters also allude to key concepts in the centre:






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